Unique, multitalented & passionate

Folkert-Hans is a musician at heart. His vocals, trumpet and saxophone guarantee a successful and unforgettable event.

Who is Folkert-Hans

About Folkert-Hans

Born into a musical family, grew up with Phil Collins’ music and started playing trumpet at a very young age. Folkert-Hans has had a passion for music since he was a little boy.

As a solo artist he performs with his own repertoire throughout the whole country and abroad. He developed his musical qualities playing with Bicycle Showband Crescendo, Mealox, Lays and The Tailgators. Nowadays, he still performs with the Rintje Kas Orkest.

With his vocals, trumpet and saxophone he turns festivals into big parties, creates the right atmosphere and makes every occasion unique. In 2014 Folkert-Hans recorded his second single ‘Cha cha cha’, an upbeat sing-along which scored high in the Frisian Top 100.

In 2017 Folkert-Hans had a summer hit in Friesland with his own written uptempo song “Simmerjûn”.

An unforgettable event guaranteed!

For the right atmosphere and spirit, the musical repertoire is tailored to your occasion. From small & intimate to large & bombastic, each event gets what it deserves.

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Upcoming performances
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26 November
17:00 uur
10 jier Letter. Een musikaal earbetoan oan de Wiko's.
It Dielshûs
4 November
20:00 uur
Jubileumconcert 50 jaar Gospelkoor The Lighting Stars
Ontmoetingskerk Mounestrjitte 12 Ureterp
9 December
Cafe levels
21:00 tot 0:00
Optreden 7jaar bestaan Grand Café Levels.
Meer informatie
16 December
19:30 uur
Sporthal De Bongerd Leeksterweg 23
24 December
21:00 tot 0:00 uur
Café de Kern
31 December
17:00 uur
Kafee It wapen fan Fryslân
1 Januarie
18:30 uur
Café de Brink
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